Posted by: shadowbrooke | July 12, 2007

Freya: painting review


Freya (Freyja) is the Norse fertility goddess. She is known for her beauty. She shares half of the dead lost in battle with Odin. She travels between realms with her hawk-wings cloak. Her sacred animals are cats; they pull her chariot.

To depict Freya I chose to capture her beauty and femininity. The Caracal cats were chosen to be her animals for their fierce and strong nature. The hawk wings on her head to signify her cloak. The dragon is added to put her on a “pedestal” for stability and to increase her sense of importance.

Done in watercolors and gouche. I waited for the painting to dry and layered it many times to bring out the colors. For details, I use a size zero brush. The textured background was created by painting the “blobs” in. I considered using sponges but in the end being a control freak I had to paint in everything!

This is also the first painting that contains Celtic knots. They are simple in design as I’m just beginning to create them. I bought a book on creating your own Celtic knots and hopefully will be able to add more sophisticated knots into my later paintings.



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